Middle Class Tourism Expands as VIP Market Slows in Macau

 Middle Class Tourism Expands as VIP Market Slows in Macau

Macau is pulling more of these types of Chinese tourists now, and fewer whales, as profits continue to skyrocket (Image: CNN.com)

Macau now named the #1 gambling revenue locale in the world has had another record year, with a $45 billion intake in 2013, a number that represents an 18.6 per cent jump from the year prior. And despite the fact that Las Vegas’ improvements from the year before had been actually a bit higher than this, percentage-wise, Macau continues to beat away the American gambling mecca by a seven-times-greater input annually.

Welcome, Comrades

But while past years’ growth was mainly attributed to the mega-wealthy Chinese whales who came to the Chinese special administrative district to play at opulent casinos like the Venetian Macao or Galaxy Macau, the latest year’s upswing has been more because of the most popular guy, i.e., China’s middle class and their new access to your neighboring gambling kingdom.

Most credit with this influx of the public goes to an ever-growing high-speed rail system, in addition to a 38 billion yuan (US$6,216,291,171) connective connection that ties together Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai on China’s mainland, which has vastly paid down access time to Macau. That reality, in turn, is permitting numerous more day and trip that is brief in the future and spend their money at Macau’s gambling enterprises; new attractions going up in nearby Hengqin Island will also be hel Continue reading “Middle Class Tourism Expands as VIP Market Slows in Macau”

Genting Gambles in Florida with Uncertain Outcomes

Genting Gambles in Florida with Uncertain Outcomes

A rendering of one portion of the proposed Resorts World Miami Genting casino resort project; the $3 billion project still has not received a high sign from Florida lawmakers.

They say cash speaks, but in Genting Resorts World’s case, it’s perhaps not been speaking as loudly as the ongoing business might like.

The asian gambling conglomerate has largely met with nothing but resistance despite pouring $236 million into a 14-acre waterfront Miami spread back in 2011 and then sprinkling millions more into pressuring state politicians to ‘adapt’ a construction law to accommodate a new $3 billion resorts World Miami casino project. Therefore they’ve now decided for a new, less direction that is cumbersome the Sunshine State: a slots-only project that would set them up with Gulfstream Park racetrack in Miami’s Key Biscayne area.

Antagonists Await

Of course, anytime a potential brand new casino operator appears in a state, first thing that happens is some kind of anti-gaming coalition forms; and Florida has been no exclusion to that guideline. Anti-casino group NoCasino.org is also releasing a movie mid-January called Pushing Luck that claims to show a ‘sobering glimpse’ of ‘broken promises’ from casino operators.
According to Genting’s new partner Gulfstream, the racetrack holds an as-yet-unused video gaming license that gets the possibility of use in either Miami-Dade or Broward counties, as the track rests simply between the t Continue reading “Genting Gambles in Florida with Uncertain Outcomes”

Suffolk Downs Plans with Mohegan Sun Blasted for Environmental Problems

Suffolk Downs Plans with Mohegan Sun Blasted for Environmental Problems

Massachusetts citizens get a better consider a proposed Suffolk Downs Mohegan Sun casino project, which continues to come under fire (Image: The Courant)

It’s just starting to look like opponents and supporters of this Mohegan Sun casino plan in Revere, Massachusetts will be tooth that is fighting nail at every possibility over if the task can go ahead. The strange thing is that it looks as being similar to they’re having the same exact battle over and over again.

Environmental Docs Come Under Fire

Within the round that is latest of battle over whether or never to allow Suffolk Downs and Mohegan Sun to push for a casino solely in Revere, opponents for the casino plan are saying that developers failed to meet up with state application needs with regards to submitting environmental documents. The issue, they say, is that a huge selection of pages of documentation originated from the older version associated with the casino plan: the one that could have seen Suffolk Downs work with Caesars Entertainment on a casino in East Boston, bordering Revere.

This, of course, is absolutely nothing new to anyone who has been after the Suffolk Downs casino that is ongoing saga. Ever since the November votes that saw East Boston reject the casino that is original at equivalent time as Revere voters came out in support of it, both edges have fought over just how much of that plan can be used to push forward the a Continue reading “Suffolk Downs Plans with Mohegan Sun Blasted for Environmental Problems”